Long time

Having been in a place where I had little or no access to TV, let alone football, news was about 2 or 3 days late and mostly inaccurate, I have spent the last few weeks just trying to catch up in the football world. Liverpool is now out of the UEFA cup and are fighting tooth and nail for 4th spot, with Newcastle, Birmingham and some other outsiders.

What I would like to comment on, is the fact that Arsenal has gone unbeaten for 30 games now, and it looks likely that they are going to go the whole season without losing a single game (although they haven't met Liverpool yet!). While I don't really like the team, I have to admit that they have been playing some awesome football, and are likely to set even more records. Although they lost to Man. U. today, they have still got an awesome team.

But let me not speak too soon. Like I said, they haven't played Liverpool yet.

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