Long time no blog

First of all, please read the new posts in the 'Uncommon Sense' and 'Football' categories. I'd love to see any comments any one has, the Uncommon Sense post is a bit lengthy, but I would hope it's a good read, it's about the recent immigration crisis in the UK.

The 'Daily Jokes' category has been renamed, as I no longer have regular internet access, and my entire database of jokes is on my PC in the office, where I no longer work. I need to build a new collection, and hence any jokes would be welcome.

My one year of National Service means that my internet access will be severly limited, to a few hours every 2-3 months. So from next week, blogging will be a luxury. I will try and blog whenever possible, but I know that all my regular readers will no longer check for new posts after a while. It's all good, anything can happen, and soon I'll be back (10 months to go). At least, I should blog a couple of more times before I leave.

Finally, please someone please beg my brother to shave his beard. Tosin is my youngest brother, and this is how he chooses to celebrate the fact that he's now 21.

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