Arsenal are champs !! (And so what, Liverpool beat Man U. !)

There are very few sounds sweeter than hearing the harmonious melody of "You'll Never Walk Alone" at Old Trafford in the last few minutes of a Man. Utd. vs. Liverpool match. 'Cos that means only one thing, LIVERPOOL is winning !! It's a sound Liverpool fans haven't heard in a while, but on Saturday, we beat the Mancs. 1-0 to retain 4th spot, although Newcastle is hot on our heals with a game in hand.

With that defeat, Manchester United lost out on a chance to move to 2nd place, as Chelsea lost to Newcastle. Newcastle winning was not good news for Liverpool fans, as they are now favourites to clinch 4th spot and Champions League football. Things are looking grim at Chelsea, as they lost yet another crucial match, and I really hope they at least come 2nd, after spending all that money assembling a team.

If Arsenal had two choices on where they wanted to win the league title, Highbury would have been 1st choice, and I'm sure White Hart Lane would have come second, and that's what has happened. Their sworn rivals (Totenham HotSpurs) managed to draw the match on Sunday, but that didn't stop Arsenal from being crowned champions. There was scenes of jubilation, but with 4 games to go, the challenge to them now is to try and go the entire season unbeaten. Can they do it? Let's wait and see.

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