Camp is over

I've just been through a living hell. The last 3 weeks were terrible. Camp was tough. I discovered endurance levels I didn't know I had in me. At least I survived.

We were woken up every morning at 4am for morning for 'Meditation' and 'Physical Training', then spent the rest of the day during drills and lectures. WE hardly had time to rest, and I found myself moving around like a zombie, I was so tired.

Highlights of the camp were a 6 hour endurance trek, cooking competition and bonfire night to round up everything.

I've been posted to a school in a town called Okundi, Boki Local Government area, with no electricity, running water, talk less internet services. I'm trying to get posted to Calabar, which is an urban area, but things are not looking good. I'm in Calabar right now, so I can't spend to long. I'll be posting some pics on this site really soon of the camp and have a detailed 'review' of the orientation camp.

One last thing, if you hear 'Obubra', shiver, shake, it's a HELLHOLE.

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