Valentine’s Day

How was your valentineÂ’s day? Mine was a bit drab, my girlfriend being in college and all. I did manage to surprise her by sending her a cake, and spoke to her on the phone. I had a wedding to go to, it seems there were millions of weddings in Lagos on that day. What a day to get married, so you can be a cheapo, and save on the wedding anniversary gift (or valÂ’s gift, whichever one you want!). I guess IÂ’ve missed this chance to do thatÂ…Â…....damn.

In exactly a week from today, IÂ’ll be getting ready to leave for Cross River state. A short flight to Calabar, then a three hour drive to NYSC camp at Obubra. A 3 week orientation camp, then IÂ’ll be posted to somewhere for the next one year.

Everyone has been giving me warnings about how to conduct myself in that part of the country, and I think I can sum up all the warnings into two:

  1. People from that part of the country have a peculiar delicacy, they love dog meat. Yup, that’s right, man’s best friend is someone’s best meal. So if I’m not inclined to that that of ‘diet’ (And I really don’t think I am), there’s only one solution, EAT ONLY FISH.

  2. Girls from that part of the country are known to be very promiscuous. This I don’t need to be told, I know about this first-hand (don’t ask me how!). Also, the mostly uneducated people there just LOVE for their daughters to ‘marry’ graduates. So I’ve been warned by SEVERAL people, to prepare to be bombarded by the females in the area. They are also wonderful cooks, but I’ve been told to throw away any food I am given, ‘cos they might use love potion on me……….I’m sure my girlfriend is scared about all this, but don’t worry baby, I’ll be strong (for both of us!).

This is certainly going to be an interesting year. Other features of NYSC orientation IÂ’m sure IÂ’m not going to like?

  1. Waking up at 4am every morning to go jogging.

  2. Taking my bath in the open. In Obubra, I hear boys and girls have to bathe togetherÂ…Â…Â….

  3. Marching all day long

  4. Sleeping in an overcrowded room

  5. and on, and on, and onÂ…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…

If you want to find out more about NYSC, you could check out www.nyscnigeria.org . So, from next week, I may not blog for about 3-4 weeks. Wish me luck !!

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