Nigeria win, Man City too…(how?)

Nigeria won their match yesterday, beating Benin 2-1, in a very unconvincing display. Typical Nigerian match, they play well when you don't expect them too, and when you do....they let you down. We play the current African Champions (Cameroun) on Sunday in the quarter-final. If we play the way we did yesterday, there's no way we can win. If we play the way we did on Saturday when we trounced South Africa, there's some hope. Anyway, Cameroun hasn't been playing too well themselves. It will be an interesting match to say the least.....

The 3 expelled players have been recalled to the team. Now I know that I wasn't happy when they were expelled, but hey.....why call them back. If you choose to discipline them, they you should be prepared to go all the way. Letting them back as far as I'm concerned, is a sign of weakness on the part of the NFA.

Man. City played a CRACKING match yesterday. Half-time, they had lost Anelka to injury and Joey Barton to a FOOLISH red card. They were also down 3-0. And what happened? They won!! 4-3 !! I couldn't believe it, it must have been one of the best footbal matches I've ever seen in my life !!

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