Migrating to www.20six.co.uk

In order to take my blogging to the next level, I've decided to move it to www.20six.co.uk/boso. The new host (20six) has loads of features, and to top it all, it's FREE (for now, but they have said it can't be free forever).

I've been running both blogs for about a month, and I've decided to migrate.

The new blog is called "BIG BOSO" and posts are grouped in the following categories:

1. The World according to Boso : This will contain most of the posts, and serves as the home page.

2. Blood is RED for a reason: Will contain posts related to football, with a special focus on Liverpool FC. (Of course)

3. Uncommon Sense: Will be for when I decide to go a bit philosophical.............

4. Walking on Water: Will be for Christian-related posts.

Thank you all for reading, and hope you'll continue to do so at 20six.........!!

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