Just great….

Was up till midnight last night......and got up really late, about 6.15am nstead of my usual 5.30am. Got to work on time though, left the house 15 minutes late (talk about RUSHING) and got to work before 7.30am(when we tart).

My dad just got back from England, so he brought loads of toys. Being the techie' in the house, I had to set them all up. Which is great, if you haven't got work to go to in the morning (which coincidentally my dad didn't). I had to set up:

1. Some thingy that measures humidity (can't remember the name now)
2. A wireless thermometer which gives the temperature both inside and utside the house.
3. An insect repellent
4. Our new Epson Inkjet Printer/Scanner/Photocopier
5. Had to show my dad how to use his digital camera (which took longer than all the others combined)

Anyway, I guess I get my techie inclination from him (even though he is an ccountant). But I slept really late............and I'm so tired right now. Today is going to be a LONG day.

By the way, on his way home from work yesterday, armed robbers attacked some cars on his route. They all had to get out of their cars and ran off.......while the robbers managed to catch one or two people. And to imagine I had only been past there about 15 minutes before then! Living in Nigeria really is an adventure to say the least. That's the second time robbers have 'almost' attacked my dad on that bridge (Eko Bridge- to those of you who know Lagos), and he's decided to change his route. I didn't use to use that route before, until I had an accident little over a month ago, and now I'm running scared of the last route, haven't driven past there since my accident. Between the devil and the deep blue sea....

Anyway, let's see how today pans out.....wish me luck !!

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