Indian Police……this is mad funny

My Indian friend, SPPADIC showed me this article, and I'm still laughing.

Apparently, Police in a district in India's Madhya Pradesh state are being paid to grow moustaches because bosses believe it makes them command more respect.

Ten policemen in the northern state are already receiving 30 rupees (66 US cents) every month for their efforts.

Jhabua district police chief Mayank Jain said: "The response is growing and in the months ahead we expect to see more moustachioed policemen.

"Moustaches are improving the personalities of our constables. They are acquiring an aura of their own. They are creating a positive impression on the local people and getting a lot of respect."

Apparently, in India, moustaches are a mark of masculinity...no wonder SPPADIC  is always sporting one.................

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