George Bush……to Mars?

I love the blog by email feature because anyone who passes by thinks I'm ending an email. So I can pretend to be busy, while I'm actually blogging !

Anyway, George Bush's announcement last night about NASA preparing to go to he moon again, and then on to Mars....was interesting to say the least. The roblem I have with it is that I suspect that it was more political that cientific. In an election year, I suspect Mr. Bush is trying to score olitical points. Which I think is very sad...........

The program he set out was an obvious mimic of Kennedy's announcement in 1961 that America would put a man on the moon.

Bush's plan may not even be complete till 2030 (hopefully, he'll be dead by hen!), and will require LOADS of money. So what if another president comes and ends the program?

Anyway, I like the fact that the shuttles are being retired in 2010, and I can't wait to see the new spacecraft that NASA will replace it with.

Here are some artist's impressions of the new spacecraft:

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