Another week…..

Haven't been able to blog in a while, been mad busy. Work, work and more work.

First of all, on Thursday, Surulere local government did something, I think was very very stupid. If you want to fix a major road do you:

a. Do it at Rush hour
b. Do it at night
c. Do it over the weekend
d. Do it in the afternoon

Guess which one they picked? Yup, I was stuck in MAD traffic on Thursday morning, all because someone was trying to be smart.

And this morning, a new traffic light has been installed at a junction on my way to work. Normally, the traffic is VERY heavy in one direction, and VERY light in the other 2 directions. But in Nigeria, we don't have traffic lights with detectors. SO what happens? TRAFFIC. Added an extra 30 minutes to my morning rush hour, and it looks like it's gonna stay that way for a while.

These people we call 'leaders' in Nigeria, where do we find them? The labour congress is about to embark on a Nationwide strike on Wednesday. The government has tried to get a court order to stop the strike and failed (twice). And what does our 'beloved' president do? He's off on a '4 day working visit' to Switzerland and the UK!!!

I could lament all day, but I don't want to get upset.

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