Sad times

What a sad, sad time for Liverpool fans. After watching our beloved team slump to their fourth home defeat of the season on Saturday (Southampton). These are indeed difficult times for Houllier, and for fans of this great club as a whole, with Liverpool greats Ian St. John and Tommy Smith beginning to doubt that Houllier is the man to lead us to the holy grail called the premiership title. Liverpool now lies ninth, albeit just 3 points from a Champions League spot.

Now, with all this going on, one might think that we deserve some good news today to cheer us up. Well, what did we get? Owen is going to be injured until the new year, and now, Stevie Gerrard warns that if things don't change in 2 years time, he might leave the club.

The manager on the other hand has remained as defiant as Saddam, claiming he can still make the Champions League, and admiting that he is under pressure, but 'we're all hurting together'. Yeah right.

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