Houllier’s head not on a slate after all

BBC STORY about yesterday's comments by David Moores

This is a link to a story from BBC's website about Liverpool's chairman, David Moores, whose comments sparked a lot of headlines yesterday. But from reading this story, I think it was all hype, and no, unfortunately, Houllier has not been given an ultimatum, or a minimum target. Moores, is incredibly media shy, unlike most of the Premiership fraternity, and prefers to let Liverpool's appointed hierarchy such as chief executive Rick Parry do the talking when it comes to interviews.

The official Liverpool website, has finally realeased a statement about yesterday's headlines, confriming that the comments made by David Moores were taken out of context. The cooments came from Liverpool's Annual General Report, which was sent to shareholders last week. And for the last four annual reports, he has made similar comments:

In 2000 the Chairman said: "At the start of the season, the Club set its ambition as 'consistent qualification for the UEFA Champions League'. A three year strategy to achieve this was put in place."

A year later his words were as follows: "Last year, I spelt out the Club's overriding ambition as 'consistent qualification for the Champions' League' - with the emphasis, undoubtedly, on consistency."

In 2002 he wrote: "The target of automatic qualification for the Champions League was achieved. Qualification for the Champions League remains a vital strand to our business strategy."

And in 2003 he said: "Over recent years I have repeatedly stated that the Club's overriding objective is consistent qualification for the Champions League."

(These are the comments that sparked the headlines)

Read the Chairman's statement in full here.

So, I guess Houllier can sleep a little easier now. Although I suspect he was never troubled in the first place.

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