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Yesterday, I learnt how to add pictures to my blog, albeit pictures taken from other websites. It's all in the HTML coding thing. So my football posts are about to get a lot more colourful. Well, apparently, you can now audio-blog. Yup. Your voice, on the web. Blogger(who host this blog) are now offering a service where you call a number, leave a post (kinda like dropping a voicemail) and pow !! You have 'unleashed' your voice on the blogging world. Very cool. This means that you can actually blog whenever the urge strikes. Cool. For example, you're driving, you see something and you can park (it's now illegal in the UK to drive and talk on your mobile.....dah!) and blog, just like that !! The service will not be free, however, BLOGGER is offering a 3-month free subsrciption for people to try it out. Check out the FAQ here.

Unfortunately, the fact that you have to be in the USA to call the number is a bummer. So 'international' bloggers like myself have been left in the cold. I would have thought that people would rather want to post pictures to their blogs and not sounds. That is a lot more useful.

The only disadvantage is that we now have to contend with different accents. I lived in Liverpool for about a year and a half, and I was only beginning to understand the beautiful thing called a 'Scouse accent'. Sorry, I apologise. It's not an accent, it's a language. I actually saw books in bookstores in Liverpool called 'Lern yerself Scouse' (Teach yourself Scouse to the uninitiated). And I am not looking forward to listening to Scottish, Ijesha or any other accents.........

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