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Got this early this morning from my colleague at work. I guess all we men have a lot to learn about the unique, wonderful and sometimes confusing world of women. I know for a fact that Sppadic does !!

I really believe that most men don't understand women enough, I know for a fact that I don't. So I read every single word in this article, a lot of stuff there, I know, but I learnt A WHOLE LOT. And I guess all we men out there need to learn a thing or two:

So please take the time out to read this:

About Women

Why Women Fall in Love Quicker


Mark A. Hunter

We need to look at this question with a warped sense of humor. Women have always fallen in love with men more quickly than men fall in love with women. Most women, except for the career minded type, are looking to fall in love, whereas many men are looking to just have a good time. When a woman goes on a date, her thought process is much different than a man's. Women look at each date as a potential marriage partner. Why this happens even I can't figure out. I can't count how many times my female employees or friends have told me after a first date, "I'm in love. This is the one." Then the guy calls back and they are distraught for about a day until they meet another guy.

The biggest issue here is the emotional difference between men and women. Women are brought up to be somebody's wife. Now I know the women are all going to find me and castrate me for this, but this is a fact. Women are much more emotional and look at dating more seriously than men do. A woman is willing to look past looks in most cases as long as the man has other outstanding qualities. Women are much deeper than men, reading in between the lines even if there are no lines.

The other part of this is that women don't actually fall in love easier,they just think they do. What the heck does that mean? Women have a major problem that men don't have. It's called time. The women feel they have to fall in love fast because they are getting older and if they wait too long, they won't be able to have children. So many women fall in love with a man because they think he would be suitable for fatherhood. If women would relax more and not panic about falling in love, it would happen more easily.

The other side of this, of course, is that many women are much too picky. They never fall in love because they believe they can do better. Just like some men, these women are always trying to figure out if they could do better. These people generally don't marry until their late 30s or early 40s, and some of them never do.

Why Women Do Not Like Nice Guys

I laugh every time I think of this. Countless women have told me over and over again how they should have stayed with the "nice guy" they were with ten years ago. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. There is only one answer to this question for you, "challenge." Women will easily put aside a nice guy for the man that emotionally challenges them. This is much more rampant in women in their 20s but we will get into that in another section.

Many women are more interested in the challenge and the chase than being with a man they know they can have anytime they want. "Nice guys are so easy, you know that when you call they will be there at the drop of a hat,"

one woman told me. This is true. Of course, eventually the "nice guy" isn't going to hang around because a smarter woman will have realized he is wonderful. By the time the other woman realizes this, it's too late. When she understands she has lost this man, she suddenly realizes she has made a huge mistake.

Men should never let women know how they feel about them. Let the woman tell you first. Never, never, never tell a woman on the first few dates that you think she is wonderful and you would love to have a relationship with her. You don't want to be branded as the "nice guy." Keep a little bit of mystery in the beginning. This will keep her coming back for more.

How Do I Get a Woman to Respond to Me

The reason men don't do well with women is mainly because men do not understand women. This sounds so easy but in fact, it is very difficult. Women love to be wooed. If you think that coming up to a woman and spitting out, "Hey babe, I'm the guy you have been looking for all your life" isgoing to work, think again.The first and foremost way to get a woman to respond to you is to simply beyourself. Don't try all those stupid, moronic pickup lines. Give women a little more credit. When approaching a woman, act natural and do not, I repeat, do not, try to pick her up. Just smile and be happy. This is the biggest attraction a man can have when first meeting a woman. Keep it light and fun. The more fun you are, the more chance you have of actually having the woman respond to you. If you act like you are trying to pick up

the woman, she is not going to respond to you. Nobody wants to be "picked up," except, of course, men, who love to be "picked up" because it's great for their egos.

Once you have broken the ice with a lady, you must be classy and non-threatening. Breaking the ice is just half the battle. It's also the most intimidating to a man. If you have gotten past the icebreaker, just try to keep the conversation light and entertaining. You may ask, "How do I do that?" I thought you might. If you are the type of man that has trouble having conversation, you can never lose by asking questions.

Flattery will get you somewhere, but humor will get you everywhere. Here is a little secret which I have taught several men to use effectively, and which is also great for the shy men in our audience.

Start your evening by making a list of questions. These questions could be anything from, "Do you have any brothers or sisters?" to "If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you love to go?" Ask about her career if she is a professional. Women love to talk about their accomplishments. Most of all just have fun.

Look at a woman as if she was a guy. If you can do this you will go far in meeting the right woman. Men have no problem going up to another man and talking about anything, so look at women as potential friends. There is no need to be intimidated if you don't want to get them in the sack. Well, at least not right then. If you make a woman uncomfortable by trying to pick her up, you will inevitably lose the battle. Women are more interested in developing a friendship first if there is a possibility for a relationship.

Why Women Lead Men On

Women don't really lead men on. Men lead themselves on. There is always the woman who uses man to get free drinks or for the attention of it all. Some women know that if they flirt with you enough, you will be interested in them. This is great for the woman's ego. There is nothing better for either sex than having someone want them.

Women are a lot more insecure about themselves than men realize. Most women are uncomfortable with their bodies or their hair. If a woman get a man that makes her feel beautiful, she will stick with him for a while, not because she wants the man, but because the man makes her feel good about herself.

Some women lead men on for the sport of it. I know a few women that have told me, "It's just fun to see men get all horny." This is extremely mean and childish, don't you think? Anyway, as long as men are willing to look like lovesick puppy dogs, then women will continue to lead them on. Again, the chase is part of the fun. If you don't let them chase you too, you willnot win. Women will flirt with men because of the reaction men have. They know a man will make a complete fool of himself if he thinks he has a chance of having sex. Some men think this is attractive. Unfortunately for

the men, women don't!

Keep in mind, if you are trying to meet women in a bar, this is not where most women are looking. Men go to bars mostly looking for sex. Women on the other hand go to bars to dance and hang out with their friends. There are always the women that are there for sex, too. As we all know, women and men are sometimes equally bad in that department. So to avoid being led on by a woman, don't put yourself in that position. Do not act so damn eager. It is very becoming and you won't get too far with that approach. Of course we also all know that alcohol can change any of this. I don't

recommend getting drunk and trying to meet women. You most likely will make a fool out of yourself and regret it in the morning - if you remember.

How to Deal With Career Women

Career women are a completely different breed. They are looking for a lot more in a man than non-career women, and they have a few different criteria. They are usually more methodical about the men they choose to date and have a relationship with. They are quite the opposite of professional men.

Professional women are usually looking for college educated men who have professional jobs. They are most likely to be attracted to someone who can deal with their success. Most men are intimidated by women who make more money than they do. If this is an issue for you, get over it. That is not the most important issue to professional women. They do, however, want a man who is goal oriented and working hard to achieve those goals.

Another piece of the puzzle that professional women generally look for are cultured men who have a clue about the arts and a great philosophical view on life itself. Women love a worldly, knowledgeable man.

Finally, treat these women with the respect they deserve. This does not mean you can treat non-professional women with no respect. All women should be respected. Professional women, whether men want to admit it or not, have

had to fight harder to be successful. There is and probably always will be an inequality towards women in the workplace. These women have earned the respect not only of their peers but also of the men who would like to date

them. They should be congratulated on their accomplishments.

Differences in Women by Age Groups

To look at this issue is like looking at a hurricane. Women change dramatically with age. Most women have a hard time with aging. It is no secret that men age better physically than women. Women's bodies are more affected by gravity and the effects of childbirth.

The 20s are an interesting age for women. There are many questions and issues. Should they get married? Should they start a family? Who should they spend time with? Which type of man attracts them?

The most important issue, of course, is that these women are mostly attracted to men that treat them badly. The sad but true fact is, the worse you treat these young women, the more they will be attracted you. All of you women out there know what I am talking about. As we have talked about earlier, if you are a nice guy in this age group, you don't have much of a shot. Women in this age group have an abundance of men chasing them, so they can be as picky as they wish. This, of course, is why the nice guy doesn't do well with this age group. When trying to meet women in this

age group, play it cool and don't tell her how much you like her. Women in their 20s love the thrill of the chase and the challenge of the guy who treats them lousy!

Women in their 30s have come a long way from their 20s. This is a time when women start to realize what they missed when they were younger. They are starting to think more about getting married and having children. They are usually sick of the bar scene and definitely sick of the men that have treated them terribly. "Where the heck is that nice guy that liked me when I was younger?" is what these women often say. This is when women start their search for the "nice guy." For all you nice guys out there, this is your time.

You also have a large number of divorced women in their 30s. Why are they divorced? Well, remember we talked about those men that treated them terribly in their 20s? These are the women that married. Fortunately, these women didn't waste too much of their lives trying to change these men, but the hard part now is finding a man that doesn't mind them having kids. These women are generally more mature than women who have never married, but they also carry a good amount of baggage with them. If you are a nice guy, this group of women will always appreciate you.

Women in their 30s also bring an increased zest for living. They enjoy life's challenges. Most are inclined to work hard to maintain their mental and physical health. They start to be pro-active in their search for a mate. Many join dating services and social clubs to maximize their opportunities to meet more men. They also are much pickier than men are. They will not repeat the mistakes they made in their 20s with men.

This brings us to women in their 40s. At this point in a woman's life, if she has not been married at all, she has missed out on the joy of bearing children. Of course we all know you don't have to be married to have children, but the greatest challenge to this age group is in meeting men.

Most women in this age group are looking for "nice guys." Unfortunately, most of them have disappeared with women in their 30s, so the 40s are a difficult age for women. Their bodies are increasingly affected by gravity, and the men that they are interested in are more attracted to younger women. Of course, if you are a nice guy interested in this age group, the selection may be overwhelming.

When women reach their mid-40s there are approximately three women for every single man. Some of these women start dating younger men. The alternative is to go to older men who may have one foot in the grave. Women still feel

young in their 40s, but it can be a very lonely time. The more open-minded the woman can be, the more chances she will have to meet men. And she still has to find a man that is willing to deal with her teenaged children. Since most men are pretty open about this and don't mind helping raise teenage children, this can be a very rewarding time for both men and women.

We can't forget women in their 50s and 60s. These women are wonderful, sweet, worldly, caring, affectionate and most of all, looking. The ratio of women to men grows from ten to one at 50 to twenty-five to one in the 60s. This is, therefore, the hardest group of women to satisfy, mainly because there just aren't enough men to go around at that age. Most of these women do not feel comfortable dating men too much younger than themselves because it reminds them of their children.

Women in this age group make great companions. They are usually the nicest people on the planet with a real yearning to help others. This is mainly because they have gone through motherhood and understand the importance of love. As we all know, there is nothing as good as a mother's love.


Women don't have many secrets, but they do have some, so here are a few of them:

Women love to be hugged.

Women prefer a man that is good natured and fun loving.

All women want a man with a sense of humor. If you can make a woman laugh and smile, then you have found the key to her heart.

Women can have men as friends. Men have difficulty with that.

More women than men cheat on their partners.

Women love tokens of love, but not after the first date.

Most women find bald or balding men sexy.

Women go through their sexual peak between the ages of 33 and 40.

Women are usually right about most things, and they let you know it.

Women are insecure about their weight.

Women hate when men check out other women while they are together, even if they say it doesn't bother them.

Most women fantasize about being with another woman.

Women are much more graphic when discussing sex.

Women hate men that don't pay for the first date.

Women love to be respected...and that shouldn't be a secret.

Final Thoughts

Women are God's most beautiful creations. They are full of love and joy. It is up to men to understand how a woman thinks. If men would take the time to listen and communicate, they would have a lot more success with women. Treat women as if they are your friends, not the enemy.

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