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I'm back !!! While my office was moving, I lost Internet connectivity for a week, so I only blogged once, but yours truly is back, and hopefully back to stay. And what better to blog about than the best club in the world??

Well not exactly the best club in the world. But Monday's The Times (UK) published a story about a recent statistical analysis that states that Liverpool Football Club are the best club in Britain. The rankings are taken from tournaments and titles won by clubs throughout their history. Finishing second in the league or runners-up in a final are also taken into consideration in this poll and is worth half as much to a team as winning a competition. By virtue of winning a record 18 top flight league championships and four European Cups, Liverpool are the top British team, ahead of Manchester United. As far as the best in Europe are concerned, only six teams in Real Madrid, AC Milan, Juventus, Ajax, Bayern Munich and Inter Milan are ahead of Liverpool in the rankings. The rankings are given below.

The Top 30 greatest teams

1 Boca Juniors (Argentina) 21,029.35 pts

2 Penarol (Uruguay) 20,747.21 pts

3 River Plate (Argentina) 18,022.66 pts

4 Independiente (Argentina) 18,015.68 pts

5 Real Madrid (Spain) 17,883.97 pts

6 Nacional (Uruguay) 16,995.40 pts

7 AC Milan (Italy) 14,268.53 pts

8 Sao Paulo (Brazil) 13,157.79 pts

9 Juventus (Italy) 11,778.68 pts

10 Ajax (Netherlands) 10,657.65 pts

11 Santos (Brazil) 10,372.16 pts

12 Racing (Argentina) 10,042.97 pts

13 Bayern Munich (Germany) 8,813.24 pts

14 Olimpia (Paraguay) 9,453.34 pts

15 Flamengo (Brazil) 9,220.26 pts

16 Palmeiras (Brazil) 8,852.16 pts

17 Inter Milan (Italy) 8,488.38 pts

18 Corinthians (Brazil) 8,137.00 pts

19 Estudiantes (Argentina) 7,540.31 pts

20 Gremio (Brazil) 7,149.16 pts

21 Vasco (Brazil) 7,110.53 pts

22 LIVERPOOL 6,638.82 pts

23 Manchester United 6,464.41 pts

24 Benfica (Portugal) 5,546.91 pts

25 Velez Sarsfield (Argentina) 5,430.74 pts

26 San Lorenzo (Argentina) 4,612.24 pts

27 FC Porto (Portugal) 4,375.22 pts

28 Feyenoord (Netherlands) 4,280.59 pts

29 Barcelona (Spain) 3,998.82 pts

30 Fluminense (Brazil) 3,726.00 pts

Read more about this on Liverpool's official website, and also FootyMad and here. The Times has analysis on this story here and here. However, these stories are unfortunately not biased, so are not much much fun to the Liverpool faithful.

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