Make it a November to remember !!!

It's November, and it's hard to believe that we're already close to the end of 2003. WOW, how time flies.

Well, first of all, there are some changes to this website. I've included a site counter from sitemeter, so I can know how many visitors actually visit the site. I wasn't too sure about this, as I was afraid to find out that I was the only person visiting my own blog, but hey, what the heck eh? But I had 3 visitors over the weekend (Yipee!) so somebody out there likes me !!! Worst case scenario, I'll inflate the figures by visiting the site from all the systems in my office (it counts only once for each IP address(PC) per day), but that would be cheating.......and Boso doesn't cheat.

Another change is the Creative Commons license. Ivan's blog has had this for months, I had no idea what it was, but on Friday, he suggested I put it up. Basically, it gives people a right to use the information they get off my blog. And since a lot of what I put up here is from Ivan's blog, technically, I have to display the information under a similar license (Got that from reading up on the license). Interesting. So I've been breaking the law all this while. But I'm not sure if Creative Commons has any legal 'clout', but hey it doesn't take long to set up, so I've done it.

So a few more links to the right of the blog. Very interesting. Have a Happy November.....let's make this a November to remember.

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