Liverpool v. Manchester United on Sunday

Crunch time in the premiership this weekend, as Manchester United face Liverpool at Anfield. How I wish I was still in Liverpool right now !!! Although the atmosphere in the town is not as electric as when Liverpool play Everton (I'll blog about that when the time comes), it is hot. Liverpool are still the most successful team in English football history, but Manchester United's recent run of successes means, they're hot on our tail. However, Liverpool has won the coveted European Cup 4 GLORIOUS times, compared to a mere twice by Manchester United(most recently in 1999).

Liverpool is still smart from last season when United beat us twice in the league, at Anfield, Jerzy Dudek gifted them a 2-1 victory. Tears flowed at Anfield that day, as our recent run of victories over the old enemy came to an end. Then came the League Cup final, where Liverpool defeated Manchester United comprehensively (2-0), to lift the trophy. While United fans started calling it the Mickey mouse cup, we laugh at them, it was a cup they desperately wanted to win, and we got it, so there !! Then came the worst one of them all, when the two giants clashed at Old Trafford, Sami Hyypia getting sent off for pulling down Van Nistelrooy in the penalty area in the first few minutes of the match was the turning point of a match that ended 4-0. That trashing is still fresh in the minds of the Anfield faithful.

As Liverpool host the champions, they seem to have put their indifferent start to the season behind them, and are now on an unbeaten run, following last night's 1-1 draw on a soggy, crappy 'poor-excuse-for-a-pitch' in Bucharest. Man U.'s recent victory over Rangers has finally put to death the ghost of Fulham , who thacked them at home 2 weekends ago....

So who will be victorious.......let's wait and see, but the safe money's on Liverpool !!!

P.S. My office is moving this weekend, and as a result, I may not have a connection to the Internet till the 17th of November. Hence I may not blog much till then.....

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