Back to Blogspeak……..with my tail between my legs

After all my bragging, I've had to go back to Blogspeak. I found that despite all the problems I was having with them, they were actually providing a very good service. (Considering it's free.......!!)

After using Haloscan, and checking out other providers, I found that only Blogspeak offers email notification of new comments for free. And I'm not sure if I can check all previous posts for comments (considering that I'm now very used to email notification), so after all the insults I gave to Blogspeak, I apologise.....they're the best !!!

There are loads of other providers for commenting(for blogs) on the web: find a list here. I did some research though, and found that if you want something free.......Blogspeak seems to be the best.

P.S. And by going back to Blogspeak, I got all my previous comments back, HURRAY !!!

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