All my comments gone………….nooooo.

This afternoon, while responding to some comments on the blog, I made a very silly mistake. So I decided to go to the Blogspeak site, where I had previously been using. I couldn't log in. It kept telliing me that my email address was wrong, even though I had been receiving all my comments by email. This made me a little angry, so I tried retrieving my email address, and the page kept giving me errors. I was getting angrier by the minute. OK then, I'll go to the support page......but they didn't have one !! What they did have was a comments pages, where I realised that some 20,000 comments were lost recently. That was the final straw.

Ivan had previously recommended Haloscan to me for commenting, so I went staright there and signed up. I lost all my comments on Blogspeak, but hey, if they were so much trouble, I don't think I want to stay with them anyway. There was a weekend, the administrator sent about 5 emails to all users about some changes, that I didn't even notice, clogging up my mailbox.

Anyway, I was using a free service, so I guess I can't complain too much. Since it's free, I'll move around till I find what I like....and I'll stick with it. But for those of you who had taken the pains to leave comments on this blog, thank you so much. Please accept my apologies, and I hope you'll find the time to leave comments again when the urge strikes.....

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