Update on football Rape story……

Update on the rape story from the premiership, I have heard some rumours from the internet, it's Kieron Dyer and some of his teammates from Newcastle. These are however unconfirmed. Aston Villa has issued a public statement saying that none of their players were involved. However, the Sun, which was the newspaper that originally broke the story and has interviewed the girl, has said that a Chelsea player is at the centre of the story in their Thursday edition. He is apparently the player the girl originally agreed to have sex with.

In another twist, the paper ran a front-page photo of a player identified as an England international — with his face blacked out — who has been linked to the case.

The photo shows the player leaving a London restaurant at 2:45 a.m. last Saturday, which reportedly supports his alibi that he slept with another woman at the hotel and was not involved in the alleged rape.

The Sun said the England player booked several rooms at the hotel, including the one where the girl was allegedly attacked. The player was fined 90,000 pounds by his club and called a "village idiot" by his manager for being linked to the case, the Sun said.

England's attorney general, who warned the media earlier this week against reporting prejudicial information in the case, is investigating complaints that one tabloid — the Daily Sport — printed the name of a club allegedly involved.

Meanwhile the girl involved has contacted a PR expert, the famous Max Clifford, who confirmed that the girl and her dad spoke to him, to ask for advice and protection from the media scrum. He however pointed out that at no point did they ask to sell their story. The girl is also understood to be talking to lawyers about the possible legal ramifications of her allegations.

Finally, lawyers for several of the players involved have threatened legal action if their names are mentioned. But their are fears that chants could be used to identify them at this weekend's games. Broadcasters could face legal problems if the words are picked up on the microphones.

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