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Football-wise, I've been forced to shut my mouth since the 3-2 defeat of Liverpool at the hands of Charlton. I expressed an opinion on this blog that I think Gerard Houllier should be sacked. I still think so. Even though he has brought some 'success' to the club in the form of 5 trophies in 2001, he has failed to build anything concrete on this, even though he has added several more gifted players to the team. Our next match is against Arsenal, and Houllier refuses to accept it as a make or break match. But defeat on Saturday would leave us 9 points behind them and way out of reach at this stage of the season. However, I remember last season when we had played 17 games and were undefeated, top of the pile and not budging. A disastrous run left us in 5th place at the end of the season. Sami Hyypia has not been the defensive rock he is known to be this season. In fact, against Chelsea and Charlton (our only 2 defeats so far), he can be blamed for 4 of the 5 goals scored against us. The boss is defending 'Captain Fantastic', insisting that football is a team game, "We win together, and we lose together". But Hyypia’s performance this season has been suspect, and I’m pretty certain that if Henchoz was fit, Hyypia would spend some time on the bench. Anyway, we wait with bated breath for the match with Arsenal, one thing is for sure, it’s going to be cracker. Mark Lawrenson (ex-Liverpool by the way) has predicted a 1-1 draw, but his track record shows one thing, he gets it wrong more often than he gets it right.

Anyway, last night, I had a difficult choice to make, watch either Chelsea or Man U. in the Champions League. I figure Man. U. had a better chance of getting beaten, so I saw that match, and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest!! Man U lost 2-1 to Stuttgart, while Chelsea lost 2-0 to Besiktas. Is there finally a ‘chink’ in Chelsea’s armour? It has suddenly become apparent that despite spending 110 million pounds, he didn’t really invest in his defence, and his defence failed him last night he admitted. (So did Ferguson by the way!) The press has jumped on the defeat, but Chelsea's record this season reads: played 10, won eight, drawn one, lost one, which is still excellent. But this goes to show what pressure Ranieri is under……I suspect he’ll be out of the job once it becomes clear that Chelsea isn’t getting any silverware. (Unless of course, he wins something)

Now the story that has given me the most concern. On Sunday night, a 17 year old girl claims she was raped by a number of footballers in a hotel in London. While the exact number of players involved is not really known, most reports say it was 7 or 8 players. At least 2 clubs are involved, with one club supposedly having 6 players involved. It seems 3 players are currently in the spotlight, and while the exact names of the players involved are known by most of the press, and widely being circulated online, no one wants to name them for legal reasons. I have tried without success to try and find out which players are involved; it seems I don’t know which websites to look for. (Anyone who knows, please email me, or leave a comment at the end of this post). One of the players is a regular England international, and has been hounded by the press in the last few days. He has given no comment to the press, however, he has submitted an alibi to the police saying that he was with another girl in another hotel, even though the hotel room used for the rape was booked in his name. The media have been warned to show restraint while reporting this case, but it’s frustrating for me, I want to know who’s involved !! Does anyone out there know?

There are six possible teams, of which 2 of them are involved. The matches played in London this weekend were:

1. Charlton v. Liverpool

2. Chelsea v. Aston Villa

3. Arsenal v. Newcastle

Now from the news reports I’ve read, I know at least one of the non-London teams is involved as police have said that the suspects will have to travel to London to give DNA samples. And with all the talk about an England international, I’m really scared that it could be Liverpool, I suspect Stevie Gerrard in particular. This event is still bubbling, but has the potential to define this season for any of the teams involved. Imagine loosing 6 top players? Public outcry after the players are named might mean they will be suspended by their club. It is rumored that the manager of the club involved has asked to resign over this. I have one prayer. I hope no Liverpool player is involved…….please God…no…..

With the number of people that know, it seems that the players involved will be booed when they take to the field this weekend. But the TV stations are trying to decide what to do, because they believe that transmitting the boos can put them into trouble. C’mon guys, let’s know who did this horrible, wicked thing……..

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