Time to strike…

I may not be able to blog for a while. That's because starting from tomorrow, the Nigerian Labour Congress has called for a strike to protest the recent increase in the price of petrol, kerosene and other related products. So I'll be doing my part in the sit at home protest........not that I mind !! Rilwanu Lukman, special adviser to the president on petroleum matters has resigned, which I suspect is because of the way President Obasanjo has handled the matter thus far. The price of fuel was increased with no announcement from the government, and no reason was given. All this after the crippling strikes in June when, the president did the same thing. The current price is 40 naira per litre. This strike seems as if it's going to be bigger than the last one. What scares everyone is that Obasanjo has not reached his targeted fuel price for petrol, so the current price still has the potential to go up. Despite the unrest the last time he increased the price, he has stubbornly increased it again.

Nigeria is the world's 7th largest oil exporter, the fact that we cannot refine crude oil ourselves, and need to import petrol is sad, very, very sad. Our influence in the oil market was felt as the price of crude oil soared, and then dipped as traders discounted the possible effect of the strike. Our government tells us that the reason for petrol scarity within the country is due to 'criminals'.

For the second year running, we have been named as the 2nd most corrupt nation in the world, after Bangladesh by Transperancy International. The deputy senate president was named this morning as one of the senator who asked for a bribe from El-Rufai before the senate could approve his ministerial appointment. Of course, he denies it, claiming that El-Rufai is trying to destroy his 'rising' political profile. All this, and some moron said that we Nigerians are the happiest people in the world......what an irony.

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