Ten technologies that deserve to die

Saw this, although I don't really agree with all of it. Some science fiction writer thinks that the top ten technologies that deserve to die are:

10. DVDs (Come on! They're not that bad!)

9. Lie Detectors (I agree)

8. Cosmetic Implants (PLLLEEEASSSE don't take them away from me!)

7. Prisons (Don't agree, not at all)

6. Manned Spaceflight (A case could be made....)

5. Landmines (I TOTALLY agree)

4. Incadescent light bulbs (You wan kill us for Naija)

3. The internal combustion engine

2. Coal-based power

1. Nuclear Weapons

(I agree STRONGLY with the last three).

The arguments are actually pretty good for most of them. Read the article here.

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