Linux vs. Windows…the battle continues

In a major coup for Linux, the UK government is trying out Linux in nine projects across the UK public sector as part of government-wide plans to promote cheap and efficient alternatives to proprietary software products. It is hoped that the trials, which will last from three to six months, will produce research that can be then shown to departments to verify that not only can significant savings can be made using open source but that the products are at least as reliable and efficient as proprietary ones. The strategy was developed after looking closely at the German federal government's model introduced over a year ago. It culminated in the high-profile case of the Mayor of Munich snubbing a desperate last-minute personal plea from Microsoft's Steve Ballmer not to switch to Linux. Read about this here.

Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer on the other hand, has outlined a series of new initiatives and investments aimed at shoring up the company's increasingly battered security reputation. Speaking at Microsoft's worldwide partner conference in New Orleans, Ballmer said the new initiatives will help address the increasing threats faced by computer users. "Our goal is simple: Get our customers secure and keep them secure," Ballmer said. "Our commitment is to protect our customers from the growing wave of criminal attacks," he added. One of the main areas Microsoft said it will address is the patching process and Ballmer unveiled a new process for distribution that will see the firm move to monthly patch releases. Ballmer said this will reduce the burden on IT administrators by adding a level of increased predictability and manageability.

So who's in the lead now? I wonder....................

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