Football update

Got home last night, to hear that the England team was considering boycotting their Turkey match, unless Rio Ferdinand was reinstated into the team. After crisis talks with the FA, who made it clear that Rio Ferdinand was not coming back no matter what, and phone calls from Rio to the senior squad members, they agreed to play. The players released a statement claiming they were united in their decisions, but news has reached me that that was not entirely true. The strike was called off late last night, and the players should be in Turkey by now.

In other news, the Leeds player arrested for 'serious sexual assault' has now been identified as Jody Morris. He was released on bail last night. Also, in the second rape case, the 29 year old man at the centre of the allegations, who organised the party where the rape occured, was arrested last night, and later released on bail. His name is Nicholas Meikle. He has issued a statement, claiming the girl consented to sex with four people, and that at no stage was she raped. The players invovled will be interviewed in the next 24 hours, according to police.

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