The beautiful game ??

The world of football is in a crisis, well at least in England it is.

First of all, the ongoing rape story from London, now Kieron Dyer has now officially been named, but only as the person who booked the hotel room in which the rape was committed. From what I hear, there were only 2 footballers (apart from Dyer) that raped her, not 7 or 8 as initially claimed. but there were 7 or 8 rapists, the rest weren't footballers, just ordinary 'citizens' like you and me.

Then, another rape story, a 'serious, violent' sexual assault in Leeds, where 2 men have been arrested, with at least one of them being a Leeds player. Leeds FC has already told police that they are ready to cooperate fully, and the fact that unlike the case, the prepertrators have been arrested means that the burden of proof is a lot more than the other rape.

Then Rio Ferdinand , the world's most expensive defender is in the dock for missing a routine training ground drug test, I suspect because he knew he would test positive. His excuse that he was moving house is so lame, it's pathetic. He had another test done 36 hours later, when he knew the drugs would be out of his system. Everyone is angry with the FA for naming him, and dropping him for England's crucial match with Turkey on Saturday, while he's still under investigation. Normally, when this had happened in the past, the player was never named, and it was kept under wraps by the FA and the press never even knew which players were involved. But the more serious matter brewing is that of six players who want to boycott the match against Turkey in support of Rio. That would almost certainly spell doom, England need to at least draw the match to qualifiy for Euro 2004, and tension couldn't be at a higher level. Paul Gascoigne has come to the defence of Rio, now Gazza, did you used to take drugs? (Probably still does!!)

Finally, BSkyB ditched their entire 10% stake in Manchester United, leading to a rush on the stock market to pick up Man. U. shares, as different people justle to own a controlling share in the world's richest club. It's sheer madness...........Man U's share price has gone through the roof, and the total value of the club has hit the $1 billion mark..............

In other news, Liverpool has submitted a planning application for their new stadium at Stanley park today, putting a nail in the coffin of the idea of sharing a stadium with their local rivals, Everton. At least there's a little good news......

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