Windows vs. Linux……the story continues

OK, there is apparently a new study that proves that Microsoft is cheaper than Linux, and this time it’s an independent study, so we have to ‘try’ and believe them. It claims that only people using Microsoft’s older desktop operating systems will save money by switching to Linux will save money, most of the added costs come in form of training, labour and external services. The report does indicate however that using Linux for the server end of the network saves you money everytime. The main problem I see with using Linux in a workplace like mine is that certain applications may not be available to run on Linux, for example payroll software, accounting packages, project management software, the very thought of it all makes me cringe with fear.

However, Sppadic who is now a confirmed Linux disciple sent this in yesterday, and you guessed it, it’s an article extolling the many attributes and the recent success of Linux. Certain high profile Linux desktop deployments are mentioned in the article, particularly the City of Munich in Germany and the regional government in Extremadura, Spain.

So I guess the score is Linux 1 – Windows 1.

And the crowd goes crazy……………………..

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