Windows vs. Linux……and the winner is…….

In the continuing Windows vs. Linux war, both sides continue to claim victory at different times. Micrsoft has many enemies, and are constantly at war with everyone. Sppadic, a good friend of mine was a big Microsoft fan when I left Liverpool in March 2003. Today however, the Communications and Signal Processing group where he’s doing his Ph.d have converted him to a MASSIVE fan of Linux. I have continuously tried to win him back to Microsoft, but he continues to sing praises about all things Linux.

Anyways, today I read on the Internet about how a study proved that Windows was cheaper to implement than Linux. After reading it, I realized that it was a Microsoft-sponsored study, and only 12 ‘small’ companies were surveyed. Come on, did you actually think we were going to fall for that? I suddenly remembered something I read a few weeks ago about a small-sized firm switching from Microsoft to Red Hat Linux after an ugly experience with Microsoft over licensing issues. The result? He’s saving money, big time. And no problems with viruses, crashing, etc.

A few weeks ago, the MSBlaster worm used a well-publicized vulnerability of Microsoft Windows to ‘sneak’ into computer systems worldwide and brought many networks to their knees. Well, guess what? According to one person who tried everything he could to get rid of the worm from his computer, there was only way one way. He switched from his Windows PC to his Apple Mac.

So slowly but surely, Linux is winning me over. (Sppadic stop smiling). I’m currently working as a network administrator on a network with 50 clients. If I mention the word ‘Linux’, my boss goes on the offensive immediately, the mere thought of having to configure all the systems and train all the users scares me too. The workload will be………a lot. But one day, Microsoft may just send me over the edge and I’ll flip. Currently, I’m now 55% Microsoft, 45% Linux…..and the balance is still shifting towards Linux on a daily basis.

Any thoughts? Email me if you agree or even dare to disagree with any of my opinions.

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