Williams Sister shot dead - And she’s Nigerian (almost)

The eldest sister of Venus and Serena Williams was shot dead late last night in Compton, Los Angeles. I was very surprised to find out that she has a Nigerian(Yoruba) name - Yetunde Price. 'Yetunde' means that 'Mama (an elderly woman in the family) has come back'. Usually, when a female child is born shortly after an elderly woman in the family dies, the girl is named 'Yetunde'. When an elderly man dies and a boy is born he is called 'Babatunde'. This is a common practice in Africa, and different tribes have their own version of this. (For example, we have 'Nnanna' for males and 'Nena' for females in the Igbo tribe)

How she came to be called 'Yetunde', I'm not quite sure. She is the daughter or Mr. & Mrs. Williams, although she took her mother's maiden name just before their parents bitterly divorced a few years ago. The mother of three herself has recently divorced her own husband.

Yetunde has been described as the Williams' sisters 'Rock' and 'Role Model'. Some new reports say she was 'left in the ghetto' while her sisters 'lived the life' in their Beverly Hills mansion. Some claim she has paid the ultimate price for growing up in Compton.

What is clear is that while her sisters were making millions playing tennis around the world, she was working a $7 an hour nursing job in Compton. Several times, she refused to take handouts from her sisters, deciding to pay her own way and only taking money for airline tickets when going to watch the play. Recently, she took a job as a part time Personal Assistant to her sisters, which gave her some capital to start a salon in Compton.

A man has since been arrested in the hunt for her killer.

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