Really, really, really bored

Some people get bored. Really bored. Now in Nigeria, this is an easy problem to solve. There are no credit cards, and no one will give a loan to 'consolidate all you existing debts'. The very act of survival will give you something to do.

But unfortunately in the UK, it's easy to eat everyday, or live beyond your means. Then you can turn round and blame the government for your problems. But hey, what happens when you get bored?

Take this chap. He had a debt of 15,000 pounds. He's a student. And he's on summer holidays. So what happens? He's bored. And he's broke. So he decides to 'protest'. I was in the UK from 2001 - early 2003 and witnessed many protests for the government to bring back Student Grants. But this guy, this single bored, broke fellow decided to do something novel.

He used his nose to push a monkey nut through the streets of London. I saw this on the news and couldn't help but wonder why this boy is not in a mental institution. Well, while I was at work, I found that he actually completed his 'task'. He rolled that nut for 7 miles, thruogh bird poo, some people spat in front of him, dirt, oh my God. What a really jobless, misguided youth.

He had hoped that Tony Blair would wipe out his 15,000 pound debt. But Blair didn't even greet him at Number 10. Thankfully, he was given a cup of coffee. Then he said "I'm off to have a bath".

Good on ya Mark. Good on ya.

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