Footie’s back !!

Finally, it's time for some FOOTBALL action. After watching England manage to defeat Liechtenstein, I can only wonder if they'll manage to get the point they need to qualify automatically for Euro 2004 when they play Turkey. The team did not play too well, and I think the Turks will win.

Anyways, it seems we are about to get Abramovich number 2. A Venezuluan billionaire called Gustavo Cisneros is trying to take over at Aston Villa. This guy is even richer than our free-spending Russian who's spent about 111 million pounds on Chelsea's players alone, and manged to persuade Peter Kenyon, a lifelong Man. U. fan to ditch Man. U. and become the CEO of Chelsea village. Does this mean we'll see this, and maybe even more at Villa? Well, Doug Ellis, the Villa chairman has vowed he will not be pushed out. But this may be good for football, which has seen a serious 'recession' in the transfer market due to falling revenues. But I don't think this will help everyone, just the clubs with crazy, billionaires who can afford to splash out millions of pounds for 'fun'.

Anyway, Liverpool plays Chelsea tomorrow, and I'm gonna miss the first half, I'll be at work. But I hope to catch the second half. Thankfully, I can monitor the game on the web using either SKy or BBC(or both) to get the latest scores.

I've been a fan or Barry Ferguson for a while, and he's about to play his first game for his new club Blackburn, against my favourite club, Liverpool. The guy has something wrong with his head though. He thinks he's gonna play in the Champions league with Blackburn. Next season. Poor chap.

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