Finally, Microsoft scores an own goal !!!

The score is now Linux 2 - Microsoft 1, as Microsoft scores a spectacular own goal.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Monday conceded that 'his company is under attack from "thieves, con artists, terrorists and hackers".' in a speech to the Churchill Club, a gathering of Silicon Valley businesspeople in Santa Clara, California.

In response, the Redmond, Washington, software giant plans to develop new means for thwarting such attackers and aims to shut down the invasions before they wreak the havoc seen with recent viruses such as MSBlast.

To do this, they plan to work closely with security companies such as Symantec and Network Associates. With last week's disclosures of three vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, I think this will count as an own goal in our ongoing battle on this blog, Microsoft v. Linux.

I'm trying very hard to be objective in this discussion, and since I've never used Linux before, I'll need some Linux users to leave comments on this.

But the Penguin's nose is in front..............

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