Deluge of football……

I just had to comment on this one.

My family has been using the Multichoice (Mnet) Satellite TV service from South Africa for over 10 years now. While it's not the best satellite TV in the world, it's the only option we have in Nigeria, and it's not half bad compared to local TV. With TV shows like 24, Friends, CSI and Waking the Dead(BBC), it's actually doing very well compared to what is available in other parts of the world. With competition on the way in the form of 21st Century Technologies Fibre Optic Cable TV, which will have largely American content, Multichoice is making efforts to improve their offerings, in what has become their largest market. Yup, even though it's stupidly expensive, Multichoice now has more subscribers in Nigeria than in their home country of South Africa !!

Multichoice's strengths however have always been their sports coverage. They have been offering live coverage of the Priemership for almost 8 years now. This was first offered through ESPN's Monday Night Football, and now via their sports channel Supersport, which now has 3 different channels.

When I got back from England earlier this year, it was nearing the end of the Premiership season. And I was amazed at what I found. I had known that we got to see more live football in Nigeria than in England, but this was ridiculous ! Supersport was showing two live matches at a time, you actually had to choose which one you wanted to see !! When Liverpool lost to Man City and West Ham beat Chelsea(last season), I actually missed all the goals because I was flicking the channels !!!

Anyway, last night, they gave us a deluge of football. An overdose. For the Champions League, we now have to choose between 4 different matches !!! Last night we had Man U v. Panathanakios, Chelsea v. Sparta, Rangers v. Stuggart and Real Madrid v. Marseille, all LIVE AT THE SAME TIME !!?!? How does a man choose? The temptation to flick the channels is strong, but I've discovered that the best thing is to choose one match, and stick with it. They show highlights from all the other matches at halftime and at the end of the game.

Tonight, the same thing, I have to choose between 4 live matches. THIS IS TORTURE !!!

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