Bling, Blaine !!!

Someone sent me a mail in the office today that really got to me as a Liverpool fan:

“ David Blaine has given up his controversial stunt.

He was told that 44 days doing nothing in a box is not going to break

the record which is currently held by Emile Heskey at 4 years.

For Real Doe! ”

Very funny innit? Anyways, I thought he had given up for real, but now…he’s still there. How could a man do this to himself? He’s going to stay in a 7x7x4 box for 44 days with no food, just water…..why? That must be boring to watch as far as I’m concerned, but people seem to be paying attention. He’s even got a model for a girlfriend who’s actually allowing him to so this, she’s even defending him!! I trust my own girlfriend, if I ever even thought about it……………..

Anyway, my conclusion is that David Blaine is an illusionist, and as far as I’m concerned, he’s doing something to make us think he’s there for 44 days with no food. Either it’s all an elaborate trick……..or the water he’s drinking is laced with something. So my guess is, yes, he’ll make it. He’s even predicting that towards the end, he’ll go out of his mind. You’re already more than halfway there David. And I won’t be surprised if he does go out of his mind, it’s all in the script !!! Innit ?

At least, he got woken up by drummers on Sunday morning, and apparently even got 'flashed' by drunk women. mmmmmmmmmmm

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