What next for Liverpool?

Why, oh why? Chelsea beating Liverpool at home is a tough pill to swallow for all Liverpool fans. While Chelsea has grabbed all the headlines in their attempt to ‘buy’ the title, Liverpool needs to examine themselves as to how they could lose that match.

The fact that Chelsea’s John Terry won the man of the match says something in itself. He did an immaculate job of keeping Sir Michael Owen in check throughout the game. The first half saw Liverpool squander a lot of early chances, have most of the possession, and concede a goal against the run of play after 25 minutes. Chelsea had just 2 chances in 45 minutes, one was saved by Dudek and the other found the back of the net. Liverpool on the other hand had about 5 chances, with Kewell showing a lot of promise on his Premiership debut. He was Liverpool’s man of the match for me.

Now, I thought that the half time talk was used to motivate players, improve tactics and gear the team towards giving an all out performance? This didn’t happen at all with the Scousers yesterday!! Kewell went to sleep in the second half, and as a result, so did the rest of the team! Chelsea dominated the game from the whistle, and had loads of chances. Liverpool had several penalty claims waved off before Diouf was brought down in the box by Bridge. By this time, GH had brought on Diouf, Baros and Finnan and taken off Henchoz in a desperate attempt to add some bite into Liverpool’s attack. The penalty had to be retaken after Cudicini moved off his line too early(watch out for that this season, the officials have FINALLY decided to take a firm stand on this rule). Owen did eventually net it, but in cruel, cruel, cruel circumstances, Liverpool watched 1 point turn to none, as Hasselbaink scored a dramatic winner for Chelsea 3 minutes from the end.

So, what next for Liverpool? GH has rightly said we need to improve our finishing, but a draw would have been a fair result. But I think maybe a more sweeping change is needed, maybe a new manger will breathe some life into this team. For too long, Liverpool has held promise and cannot translate this into trophies. All we play is long, hopeful balls to Owen and hope he scores. There is a lot of talent in the team, and I’m sure we can play a more exciting brand of football. We have a team that should be contending for the title. What we need now is a manager with the know-how to get us there.

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