My hero !!

The ongoing Iraq war has its heroes and it also has its villains. The whole Jessica Lynch story made us all fall in love with the heroine, only to be told later that her rescue was not as ‘dramatic’ as some would have led us to believe. She still received a hero’s welcome in her home town, even though she has no memory of her rescue. A movie was being planned, but it seems that is no longer happening. The USA reacted very angrily to a BBC documentary which claimed that the entire rescue was stage managed by the US army. Saddam’s sons were betrayed by a cousin for $30 million (There are some family members I’d betray for half that amount!!), and the world was treated to the luxury of seeing their dead bodies on TV. Now we wait with bated breath to see if the $25 million bait to turn in Saddam will fish him out via another informer. The Americans listed their most wanted in the most innovate war tactic yet, a pack of cards. What will they think of next??

But as usual, my hero of this war is not Saddam, Bush or any of the main characters in the plot. Unlike Jessica Lynch, he’s had his own DVD produced and I trust it’s selling like hotcake (Believe me, my copy is on the way). Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Iraqi Minister of Information (currently on administrative leave) is a gem, and every tyrant needs someone like him. With American tanks rolling through the streets of Baghdad, he screamed that “there are no Americans in Baghdad”. If he was your only source of information, you might have thought Iraq was winning the war!! He claims that he surrendered to the Americans, was interrogated and released, but the Americans have refused to confirm this. His location is still disputed amongst members of the press. I just found a site today, with a funny page on how ‘Comical Ali’ would have served had he been at famous wars in history.

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