A few days ago, I got a mail from someone looking …

A few days ago, I got a mail from someone looking for someone with my surname, but I had no idea who he was. I don't know anyone in my family with that name, so I said I was sorry, blah, blah, blah and that I couldn't help. An interesting article on the BBC website, just gave me a brilliant idea. According to recent research, you can reach anyone in the world with forwarded mail. Anyone should be able to access anyone else in the world after an email has been forwarded 5 - 7 times. Some excerpts from the article are below.

An experiment has found that messages only have to be forwarded between five and seven times to reach almost any other e-mail user.

The idea was tested by asking participants to forward an e-mail to friends, relations or colleagues they thought were closer to a randomly chosen target e-mail user.

In their experiment, the scientists recruited 61,168 individuals and asked them to try to relay messages to one of 18 target people in 13 countries.

The researchers tracked 24,163 distinct message chains, only 384 of which managed to get the message to the target. The experiment revealed that messages had to be forwarded between five and seven times to get from a starting point to a target, which confirms Professor Milgram's result that people are separated by only a small number of steps.The researchers said that the results did not seem to rely on people who had so many acquaintances that they act as "hubs" for messages.

So, I'll be trying something. Trying to locate this person by forwarding the email from his friend to every Nigerian in my address book. I'll post the results(if I ever get any) on this blog.

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